The Company:

Dabusa GmbH is a dynamically growing and globally active company which specializes in comprehensive consulting in the aluminum industry. The objective of Dabusa GmbH relates not only to increased sustainability and productivity, but also to increase the market penetration of our customers. Our depth of knowledge of both the Asian and the European culture is the basis of this synergy. Thus, Dabusa GmbH incorporates not only economic, but also culturally sound knowledge into its Consulting.


The strategic focus of Dabusa GmbH extends over the network and synergy design in both the Asian and the European market. Dabusa GmbH has more than 10 years of experience in providing Asian companies with strategic consultancy, helping our customers grow through marketing and product development, as well as advising them about interim management.

In addition, Dabusa GmbH also covers many other areas of consulting for more than 10 years. The internationalization of our customers has always been the focus of the efforts of Dabusa GmbH.



Medium-sized companies and project developers alike focus on corporate financing as well as on bank-independent financing instruments. This enable increased flexibility when compared to the traditional lenders, and provides more "financial leeway". Financing and consulting are the two most important actors in such cases. Dabusa GmbH can help with.


Dabusa GmbH offers minority as well as complete acquisitions of companies. These investments enable our customers to attain optimal structures and strategies, e.g. In ideally positioning themselves in the European and Asian markets.