The strategic focus of Dabusa GmbH extends over the network and synergy design in both the Asian and the European market. Dabusa GmbH has more than 10 years of experience in providing Asian companies with strategic consultancy, helping our customers grow through marketing and product development, as well as advising them about interim management.

In addition, Dabusa GmbH also covers many other areas of consulting for more than 10 years. The internationalization of our customers has always been the focus of the efforts of Dabusa GmbH.

 Market entry China / Europe – Entering new markets can be tough, even for large players with deep pockets. We provide essential consultancy to ensure that the entry is as smooth as possible, providing economic and well as cultural insight into new markets.

Market development / construction – If a market does not exist, or is under-developed, Dabusa can provide extensive consultancy into ways to cut costs while increasing profits.

Product development / design – A new product design and development can take months and years, and critical guidance into the processes can save large sums of money. 

Interim management – As people retire, or a company enters a new market, capable management is unfortunately not always available. We at Dabusa ensure that a company is not rudderless in such situations, guiding the growth through an interim management.