Dabusa GmbH offers minority as well as complete acquisitions of companies. These investments enable our customers to attain optimal structures and strategies, e.g. In ideally positioning themselves in the European and Asian markets.

Minority interest - Gaining a minority share in a company can demonstrate trust towards it, and often infuse helpful cash into the company invested in. This can help guide the efforts of the new partnership into a profitable proposition for both the parties involved.

Complete acquisitions - Research and development expertise in all areas is impossible to gain, and becomes progressively more difficult as a company grows bigger. Sometimes, some smaller companies end up bringing better products/procedures to market due to their nimbleness and flexibility. Finding and acquiring such companies at a reasonable cost requires knowledge in the field as well as negotiation experience. Dabusa GmbH, due to decades of experience in such acquisitions, is uniquely poised to provide critical information and consultancy at such pivotal points in the growth of a company.